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Post Delivery Mother and Baby Care

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Vee Care will provide support in assisting new parents with the additional work involved with the arrival of a new baby.

For families where a parent has either under gone surgery or convalescing after Child birth, Vee care will provide support and assistance with caring for the children and mother.

We also provide services of experienced hands for post delivery care giving and infant nursing & care.

Who is a Baby Care Giver?

A baby Care giver provides comfort and reassurance to a first-time parent–allowing the mother to learn about her baby through the important first weeks of her newborn's life.

Baby Care Givers provide expertise in aspects of newborn care and parental education and support. Our Baby Care Givers help nurture and care for your baby while providing guidance and education for you

Services Provided by A Baby Care Giver

She also:

1. Supports the mother during this crucial phase

2. Promotes a smooth transition from pregnancy to ‘new family' lifestyle

3. Educates and teaches parents to understand their newborn in terms of his or her development and idiosyncrasies

4. Understands the newborn's needs and care routines

5. Facilitates newborn breastfeeding. After feeding, the baby is burped and changed if necessary before being settled back to sleep

6. Anticipates issues of concern and poses solutions

7. Is attentive, focused and alert in caring for the baby

8. Communicates about the baby's daily or nightly routines including feeding, sleep and behavior patterns.

Baby Nurses are not responsible for household duties unrelated to the new baby or for the care of other children in the household


Vee Care .. Kinder Caring.........For you and your beloved ones


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