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Home Aged Care

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Vee Care Home Nursing supports families to keep Aged sick and convalescing loved ones in their homes by providing in-home services.

Home care helps the older persons keep their independence and enables them to live safely and comfortably at home.

Vee Care understands how important it is for families to have their loved ones living comfortably in their homes. Providing care in a person's own home means it can be tailored specifically to their needs, rather than offering a blanket approach that suits the majority.

The service of the Home Care Giver is usually given to the bedridden patients and old aged people who need help and assistance from others.

No female Care Giver will be sent to the general ward of the hospitals or in the pay wards where more than one patient is admitted. No female Home Care Giver will be given to males below the age of 70.

Services Rendered by a Home Care Giver

Following are the services normally rendered by an Aged Care Home Care Giver:

a) Give food to the patients in time.

b) Assist clients with medication under guidance and presence of the patents relatives.

c) Remove urine & stool, if any, on the bed and clothing’s and clean them well.

d) Helping the patient to brush the teeth clean and sponge the body to avoid bed sore.

e) Cleaning the room, and keep the bed and furniture in order in the patient’s room.

f) Try to eliminate loneliness and depression of the patients by nursing them with love, care and affection

g) Provide support to an older person in the activities of daily living

h) Support the older person to meet emotional and psychological needs

i) Support older people to maintain their independence

j) Work effectively with culturally diverse clients.

All necessary help and assistance should be made available by the house in charge to the Home Care Givers enabling them to serve better.

If one home care giver alone is unable to support a patient due to peculiar nature and heaviness of the patient, to lift up or to turn or to walk, etc., it is recommended that all necessary help and assistance be made available to the Home Care Giver by a lady member in the house.


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