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General Terms and Conditions

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Duration of Service :

The period of services of every Home Care Giver is restricted to three months in each place of employment. If for genuine valid reasons, the service of the Home Care Giver is required for further extended period, in such situations, the Home Care Giver working at present must be brought back to the office and a suitable substitute will be sent to the patient. When such a substitute is required, the relatives of the patient may approach the office at least 10 days before expiry of the term of the present Home Care Giver. This rule may be relaxed at the sole discretion of Vee Care Nursing Services in the case of Patients suffering from senile dementia, Parkinsonís disease or Alzheimerís disease.

In all such cases the registration is to be renewed by paying the service Charges for every 3 months. The service charge can be remitted in person, by DD or Bank Transfer to Vee Care Home Nursing Services.

Vee Care Home Nursing Services reserves the right to recall the Home Care Giver under circumstances found unfavourable for a Home Care Giver to continue his / her service at a particular place.

Safety and Security of our Staff :

Home Care Giver must be treated as a member of the family who look after a patient throughout. They are not to be treated as servants or subordinates. As such it is the duty and responsibility of the relatives of the patient to ensure the safety and security of the Home Care Giver by all means.

The patient and his/her relatives must always remember that Home Care Giverís can perform their duties to the patient with perfection only with the support and co-operation of other members in the patient's family

A cot with bed and a chair shall be provided to the Home Care Giver in the patients room itself.

A lady member of the family must invariably be in the house throughout the day and night.

In the case of lady Home Care Giver who is sleeping in the patient's room, no male members other than the patient shall sleep in that room.

The Home Care Givers will not work in the kitchen or other place in the house and will not wash the regular clothes of the patient. They will not cook food for the patient.

The Home Care Givers must be allowed to sleep at least 6 hours at night.

Nobody must be allowed to visit the Home Care Givers at their work place without a formal request letter and proper identification from Vee Care Nursing Serviceís office.

General :

It is the Relatives duty to inform Vee Care about the condition of the patient and specify what type of care is required.

If the patient client requires special care, written instruction from the doctor in charge is compulsory and Vee Care must be given permission to consult the doctor.

Vee Care reserves the right to call back the Home Care Giver from her/his duty place under circumstances found unfavourable for a nurse to continue her / his service at that particular place. In such cases the balance amount, after settling towards salary till the last day of service, will be refunded to the patient's relatives as soon as possible.

At the end of their service the Home Care Giver is to be brought back to the office by the relatives of the patient.

If for any reason the service of the Home Care Giver is not satisfactory, the matter may be reported to the Office and if found genuine either a replacement will be given if readily available or the salary amount deposited in advance will be refunded after deducting the salary for the period of service rendered. The registration fees is non refundable. The refund shall be done within 3 months, from the last date of service. The home care giver is under the sole responsibility of the patients and the relatives who are the inmates of the home where the patient is residing.

It is the sole responsibility of the inmates of the house for the safety of valuables and all materials, equipments whatsoever. Vee care and the care giver will in no way be held liable for any missing or stolen items.

The Patient and relatives must realize and acknowledge that Vee Care and the Care giver provide a service to the patient. While we ensure that the service provided will be to the best of our ability we assume no responsibility or guarantee whatsoever with regards to the health of the client.


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