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“When given a choice, most people prefer to live in their own home – even when they’re sick. At home, people can retain their independence and maintain their dignity. And being in comfortable, familiar surroundings may actually speed the recovery process.”

“Vee Care bridges the care gap that many families face with support and understanding and allows families to maximise the time they spend with each other" Vee Careing, CEO John Ambrose.

There are unique challenges attached to receiving quality in-home care. Vee Care understands how important it is for families to have their loved ones living comfortably in their homes. Our care is based on the principles of compassion, the dignity of the individual and a commitment to excellence

Vee Care specialises in personalised, flexible home care so that families can keep their loved ones at home. Providing care in a person's own environment. Although we specialise in Mother & Baby Care and Aged Care, we provide services to individuals of all ages in need of nursing or personal care to allow them to stay in the comfort of their own homes and maintain an optimum level of independence and quality of life.

Vee Care clients are able to remain at home safely and comfortably, while giving family members peace of mind knowing that their loved one is receiving the best care possible. Vee care provides a caring team who will create a customised plan of care to meet the needs of the client and their family.

Providing care in a person's own home means it can be tailored specifically to their needs, rather than offering a blanket approach that suits the majority. Care Plans designed by us are a "living document," and are discussed at length before and during the course of our service so that we can ensure that you continue to receive the most appropriate care.

Our Services

Vee Care offers a range of services to help you with your in-home needs:

- Post Delivery, New Mother and Baby Care

- Aged Care

- Child Care

- Home Nursing for All Ages

- Companionship

- Dementia Care

- Alzheimer's Disease care

- Parkinson's Disease care

10 reasons why home care is becoming more popular every day:

1. Patients can come home from the hospital sooner.

2. Patients can sometimes avoid having to go to the hospital or a nursing home.

3. Patients are more comfortable at home.

4. Patients can enjoy the support of family and friends.

5. Families can stay together during trying times.

6. Morale is better at home.

7. Recoveries are often faster at home.

8. Patients and family members can be more involved with treatment.

9. Patients can enjoy a higher level of personal independence.

10. Home health care costs significantly less than many other forms of care.

Presently operating in Chennai. Vee Care relieves families of the physical and emotional stress of the ongoing care of relatives and loved ones.


Vee Care .. Kinder Caring.........For you and your beloved ones


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